The Himalayas as seen from outside of Dharamsala, North India
India flag
Indian Flag
Version of Ramayana Ramayana
Languages Hindi: 337 million

Bengali: 70 million Telugu: 66 million (Dravidian) Marathi: 63 million Tamil: 53 million (Dravidian) Urdu: 43 million Gujarati: 41 million Kannada: 50 million (Dravidian) Malayalam: 30 million (Dravidian) Oriya: 28 million Punjabi: 23 million Bhojpuri: 23 million Assamese: 13 million Maithili: 8 million Sindhi : 2.1 Million Konkani: 1.7 Million Manipuri : 1.2 Million Nepali : 1 Million Kashmiri: 0.5 million Sanskrit: <0.1 million

Location South Asia
Inhabitants Indians

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